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You can purchase Real World Web Services from Amazon and other book retailers.

The source code can be downloaded from the link below.  Partial text from the README.txt:

Real World Web Services Source Code v1.0

This is the source code for the book, Real World Web Services (O'Reilly, ISBN 059600642X). If you do not already have the book, you can buy it directly from O'Reilly, from Amazon.com, or at your local book seller.

Note that since the writing of this book, the preferred technology solutions for certain platforms has shifted - most notably, eBay now provides greater support for SOAP & WSDL. Please see the eBay developer site for more information.

Please note that this source code has been scrubbed of the user names, passwords, and other information required to actually connect to real web services. You'll need to go through the various developer registration systems to obtain your own identification codes. Keep in mind that static String values are compiled into class files - if you compile the String values into your app class or jar files, anyone with a text editor can see them. Treat them carefully, or better yet, externalize them into text property files!

Note that the WEB-INF\lib directory has not been included - there are too many encumberances on the proprietary files, and the free files can be downloaded elsewhere.


Tim Bray (Sun's Director of Web Technologies)


Brooks, T.A. (2004). Review of: Iverson, Will. Real World Web Services. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly, 2005. Information Research, 10(2), review no. 153

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