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Technical Environment Checklist

If you are thinking about joining a company, you should be given a chance to ask some questions.  If not, run away. Assuming you can ask questions, here are a few questions you should ask to understand the environment you'll be working in.
  • What process do you use to manage projects?
    • If Scrum/XP, can you see the environment?  Do you see whiteboards, pairing, etc.?
    • If Waterfall, ask how the process works.  When is QA involved?  When is the customer?
    • Are you allowed to talk to end users of the software you are building?
  • What application server[s] do you use?
  • What database[s] do you use?
    • Do you use stored procedures or direct access?
  • What version of the JDK/.NET do you use?
  • What protocol[s] do you use to communicate between systems?
  • Does the company use a proxy to talk to the outside network?
  • What build system do you use (e.g. Ant, Maven, Gradle, TFS, etc)?
  • Do you do unit testing?
  • Do you do continuous integration?
  • What does done look like for a development task?
  • What does success look like for a project?